Baking Laquer

Bake On Firearm Finish


An amazingly tough, scratch-resistant, oven-cured professional gun finish that will improve the looks, value, and durability of any firearm or part. This exceptionally tough and rustproof coating can be used as a no-hassle touch-up on a single part that can’t be blued, or easily applied to an entire firearm as a corrosion-resistant, professional-looking alternative to bluing. Baking Lacquer is an epoxy-enhanced, oven-cured finish that’s sprayed directly on clean, degreased metal with no priming required. Let dry for 10 minutes then bake in a oven for 30-40 minutes at 300°-350° F. You’ll get a flexible, uniform, professional coating that offers exceptional resistance to corrosion, water, sweat, solvents, chemicals and bore cleaners. Highly resistant to nicks, scratches, abrasions and wear marks. Self-leveling, run-resistant formula and circular spray nozzle make blending original and successive coats fast, easy and almost mistake-proof. Touch-up coats can be sanded with wet-or-dry abrasive, re-sprayed, and re-heated without damage to the original application. Can be applied to any properly prepared, metal surface that can withstand temperatures as high as 350° F. without melting or warping.  



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