Magpul MOE RIFLE Stock

The MOE Rifle Stock is a simple, lightweight, cost effective stock with an enhanced cheek weld, rubberized buttpad, and internal storage compartment.

The MOE Rifle Stock is a drop-in replacement for A1 and A2 rifle stocks utilizing the standard rifle-length receiver extension (buffer tube) without the A2 spacer. Designed as a basic rifle upgrade, the stock features integral 1.25” sling loop, optional dual-side front and rear QD mounting points, replaceable anti-slip rubberized butt-pad, and internal storage compartment accessible through the rear storage door.

• Fixed Length for Rifle length buffer tubes
• Shorter LOP than A2 Stock
• Durable polymer construction
• Integrated storage compartment
• Integrated Footman’s Loop and QD Cup attachment points
• Hand Hook for off-hand stabilization when shooting prone
• Compatible with Magpul PRS Butt Pads & Polymer Rail Sections for Monopod mounting




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