Replacement Screw Sets

All GSG Models

This is a complete set of high grade hex head screws with nuts to replace the soft metal screws that come with the GSG. The addition of the nuts is optional, but helps prevent stripping of the aluminum frame. The high grade replacement screws help to eliminate the loosening screw problems that are causing cracked bolt carrier parts. 




Why should I replace the screws in my new rifle?

1. The screws that came with your rifle are too soft and strip easily.

2. The screws that came with your rifle require the special tool that came with it. They are not phillips screws. My screws require common allen wrenches, available anywhere for pennies.

3. The screws that came with your rifle will not stay tight, even with Loctite applied. My screw sets include nuts and stay tight.

4. Loose screws have been diagnosed as the main cause of cracked bolt carriers and bolt jackets. The factory screws will work loose, so if you decide not to replace them at least check them often to prevent cracks!



NOTE: The screw set is not applicable to

the polymer "lightweight" version of the GSG





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